Pirate Nutrition

The Pearl Chamber of Commerce celebrated the Grand Opening of Pirate Nutrition with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Friday January 6th. Pirate Nutrition is locally owned and operated by Marie and Chris McLendon who also own Richland Nutrition on Hwy 49 South. They offer delicious healthy meal replacement shakes in all of your favorite flavors that only have 200 to 250 calories! They include 24 vitamins and minerals and protein. The loaded teas are 24 calories each and come loaded with Ginseng and Guarana for mental focus and alertness and caffeine for energy! They also offer valuable nutrients such as Vitamin C, B6 and B12 and aloe for digestion and absorption. They can add in beauty boosters such as biotin and collagen to help with your hair, skin and nails. The loaded teas, specialty teas and beauty teas all have 100 - 200 mg of caffeine but you can request just half caffeine or none at all. They also serve yummy hydration drinks for the kiddos in all of their favorite flavors! Pirate Nutrition is located at 3206 Service Drive just off Hwy 80. You can call in your order to have it ready when you get there! 769-895-9977